Food For Thought: Part One

group of people eating at a table

On April 16th -18th, Holly Chetwood, a member of our retail brokerage team attended the ICSC “Food For Thought” conference in New Orleans, LA. 

The conference focused on the evolution of retail real estate and its impact on food and dining.  Holly was able to connect with national thought leaders and industry experts in discussions centered on emerging concepts and trends in this retail sector. 

Takeaway #1 – Creating unique dining and bar experiences will continue to trend upward.​ Unique dining experiences are worth paying for, according to 75% of respondents in a recent Eventbrite survey. Consumers are looking for unique experiences - whether sporting activities are involved or other entertainment options are offered - creating vibrant, social atmospheres.

Over the next few weeks, leading up to ICSC’s global real estate convention, RECon 2019, we will post blogs highlighting some of Holly’s key takeaways. Check back each week to discover new insights.

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Holly Chetwood