The Various Impacts of COVID-19 On Idaho Retailers

Grocery store worker fills empty shelves

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Idaho retailers are feeling the impact personally. Although Idaho hasn’t enacted a shelter-in-place policy at the time of this post, many cities are starting to mandate social distancing orders which directly impacts restaurants, gyms, retail stores, and more.

In response, retailers are becoming resourceful with many restaurants switching to take-out or delivery, fitness centers adding online fitness videos, and retail stores offering online ordering.   

On the other hand, grocery, home improvement, and electronic store sales are booming as many people are transitioning to working-from-home and have more time to tackle the list of honey-do projects.

Links to local news articles detailing COVID-19s impacts:

  • Idaho News article detailing social distancing initiatives in Meridian
  • Idaho Statesman article listing restaurants offering delivery or to-go options
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