Stats Show Boise Retail May Be Performing Better Than Anticipated

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Boise MSA Retail Market

Although retail vacancy has seen a slight up-tick since Idaho’s economic shutdown, Total Vacancy (8.4%) in the Boise MSA is still lower than it was this time last year and Unanchored Vacancy (7.23%) is just slightly above the 20-year record low of 6.2% reached this March.

Despite some retailers having closed permanently due to COVID-19, many more are finding ways to adjust so they can safely operate their businesses. Reduced capacity, face mask requirements, online ordering, curbside pickup and deliveries are a few ways retailers have quickly pivoted their businesses to remain open and operating in the past few months. 

Idaho Press dives into a variety of local retailers and how their daily operations have changed in the article “Life with COVID-19: What does ‘open for business’ look like?”   Amidst an abundance of uncertainty, it is encouraging to see businesses successfully and creatively adapting their business models to continue filling demand.

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