New Office Environments are Already Taking Shape

COVID-19's Impact on Office Space

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted all aspects of life including how businesses operate. One question that keeps coming up is “How will office space be impacted?”

A newly constructed office building, Fulton East, in Chicago is one of the first commercial buildings designed to address post-COVID conditions. Single tenant floor-plates, touch-free tech, and social distance accommodations are just a few of the design strategies included in Fulton East to help curb the pandemic.

Alternatively, some companies are pursuing the work-from-home route – both Facebook and Twitter have announced the options for employees to continue working-from-home. TOK’s office broker, Laurie Reynoldson, dives deeper into the future of office space in her recent perspective piece addressing post COVID-19 office space demands.  Michael Ballantyne, managing partner of TOK Commercial, also lent his thoughts on the evolving landscape and demands of office space. "Don't bet that offices are dead ... All COVID-19 did was accelerate office trends that were already occurring in terms of people working from home more."

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