Food For Thought: Part Two

commercial food hall

What drives foot traffic, offers landlords an attractive option for anchoring their buildings and is considered by some to be the ultimate amenity that a mixed-use project can offer?  In this blog post, Holly Chetwood explores the answer to this question - Food halls.   

Only two years ago, food halls were a dining experiment.  Today, they are taking retail commercial real estate developments by storm. Typically, food halls have dozens of vendors and feature specialty foods and farmers markets all in one place.  They are fueled by a combination of the foodie movement and chef-driven concepts that have captured the public’s imagination.

Food hall consultants (like Colicchio Consultants) assist landlords and developers in the design and creation of successful food hall models.  An exciting example of where food hall design is headed can be found in Maine’s Rock Row development.

Takeaway #2 – Food halls represent the sharing economy for restauranteurs. Successful food halls offer thoughtful food and beverage offerings which complement modern workspaces, destination retail locations, and diverse entertainment venues.

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Holly Chetwood