Capitalizing on Boise's Growth - Options Explored

Boise Idaho aerial of growth pattern

Don Day at BoiseDEV recently authored a significant "deep dive" article exploring Boise's options to best optimize future growth, titled "Where will Boise grow? Ownership, geography, affordability drive future plans." 

The piece offers thoughtful insight into a myriad of considerations that impact Boise's present and future development. Interesting points made by the article include:

  • The City of Boise estimates needing 1,000 new housing units each year, to keep up with growth.
  • The City of Boise believes that approximately 1/3 of the new housing units need to be affordable for those who make 80% or less of the area's median income level in order to avoid creating an increasing imbalance of jobs and housing units which would negatively impact job growth.

For a comprehensivesummary of growth options, we'd recommend reading the article in its entirety, here: .

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