Boise's Natural Strengths Could Assist in Covid-19 Rebound Efforts

Hike and Boulder at Tablerock in Boise, Idaho

The Boise MSA has become a staple of national Best Places to Live lists lauding the area's many amenities - accessibility, affordability, safety and outdoor lifestyle.  Recently, Livability wrote two articles related to Boise's appeal and offering their estimations of what the future might hold.

In discussing the Boise MSA's appeal to the millennial generation, Livability writes, "[w]hat’s more, nearly two-thirds of this urban influx are well-educated millennials under 40, many of them relocating from much pricier West Coast metros like SeattleSan Francisco and Portland. National research indicates this trend is likely to accelerate even further once the COVID-19 crisis ebbs, as young professionals and creatives seeking the benefits of city living look for smaller metropolitan areas they perceive as safer, cleaner and less congested."

It's official, the quality of life that Boise offers is hard to beat. In another article highlighting the incredible variety of activities enjoyed by Boise residents, an author for Livability writes, "[w]ith nearly 200 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails located minutes from downtown, and tons of natural areas within an hour’s drive, you’ll never run out of ways to get outside around Boise." 

As the effects of COVID-19 continue to ripple across the country, Idaho's demographics, lifestyle, and communities-first focus offer the state yet another opportunity to shine.


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