Boise Growth – Our Perspective, Part 2 of our Conversation

Boise's population growth has attracted national attention

As mentioned previously, the positive national attention that Boise has recently received spurred us to reflect on Boise’s past, present and future.  As we compare Boise’s growth through the 1990s (when we began our commercial real estate practice in Idaho) with current trends, we continue to be optimistic about both the business environment and the sustained quality of life here in the Boise Valley.

Data Point #2:  Work Force Expansion  

While there has been some concern that the age demographic most responsible for current population growth skews older, data indicates that Boise will continue to enjoy a strong business community powered by a growing work force.  78% of recent in-migration was comprised of people under 50 years old (Source: US Census Bureau, 2016 American Community Survey)   In the nearly 30 years that we have assisted businesses and investors as they navigate Idaho’s commercial real estate market, Boise’s innovative and productive work force has been a key contributor to economic growth and successful public-private initiatives.

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