Boise Growth – Our Perspective, A Four Part Conversation

Boise Idaho growth opportunities

If you haven’t heard, Boise is garnering significant positive attention from the national press. The Boise MSA is consistently considered to be a preferred destination for its business environment and quality of life. All of these accolades have spurred growth and given us an opportunity to pause and consider how today’s trends compare to those of the area in the early 1990s.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share an interesting data point from today’s news and compare it with what life was like in the Boise Valley 25 years ago.

Data Comparison #1: Population Growth Rate

In 1993, the Ada County population growth rate was 4.7%. During all of the 1990s, the lowest annual rate of growth was 3.0%. 2017’s growth rate is 2.8%. Recent in-migration is a lot more people than during the 1990s but today’s pace of growth is not unprecedented. From our perspective doing business in the area for almost three decades, we’re encouraged to see strong, healthy growth in the MSA, similar to that of previous cycles. 

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Michael Ballantyne
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